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Do Your Words Do You?
By now we’ve spent more than four, five or longer decades stepping into ourselves.
Unfolding into a richer, deeper self-awareness.
We have grown. Whether we sensed it or not.

That was then. This is now.
Have your words kept up?

It’s time for our words to embrace us…

Get your laugh on! Or else.
One of the secrets to life is LOL.
I’m not sure of much but I am sure of that.
It’s healthy in so many ways and just feels so good.

Then there’s this…

On my many trips to Dallas thru the years, this sculpture always spoke to me.
Now, I get it. The body knows all.
It reminds me to lighten up, go with the flow, stay nimble.
Gentler. It just feels better.
As my default. I get that now.

It was time to lose the sharper edges of my younger days. I’ll blame those on male pattern testosterone if you’ll let me.

Actively cultivating this gentler stance now seems essential to my deepest sense of meaning. It’s a welcome rebalancing. My life has taken on a new warmth.

And it just feels really good.

Bruce Springsteen, Thunder Road, 1975.
Look what We Know Now!
Retreat and stagnation are not options!

  • We are more fluent in ourselves.
  • We have to be our own hero. And who doesn’t want to be the hero?
  • We are lit from within.
  • We are not afraid to color outside the lines.
  • We are not trying to be anybody else, just ourselves.
  • Stay Open. Be Expectant. Expect Surprise.
  • It is time to come out to play…