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Look What We Know Now!


Retreat and stagnation are not options.

  • We are more fluent in ourselves.
  • We have to be our own hero. And who doesn’t want to be the hero?
  • Being set in our ways is highly overrated.

  • We are lit from within.
  • Life may be short but it is wide and deep.

  • Stay Open. Be Expectant. Expect Surprise.
  • It is time to come out to play.
  • Change is inevitable; growth is optional.
  • Everything of note is an inside job.
  • With some things there are no shortcuts.
  • Our heart really does have reasons the head knows nothing of.
  • Trust your intuition.
  • The body knows all!

  • It’s time to care less about fitting in.
  • We are not trying to be anybody else, just ourselves.
  • It’s time to broaden our idea of what life is.
  • Every day, walk with curiosity and wonder.
  • Our ego has loosened its grip.
  • Our self awareness has never been sharper.
  • Making friends with sadness and loss are essential but yet positivity and optimism live here now.
  • We know our bullshit by now. We don’t let it leak out.
  • We are not afraid to color outside the lines.
  • We use the bolder colors!
  • We are able to get out of our own way.
  • We have  learned through our successes and failures.

  • We only have time to feel as good as possible. Let’s take care of ourselves, physically and every other way. Enlist the right support where needed, where you are able.
  • Hug yourself, hug others with your words.
  • Slow Down. Linger Longer.
  • Smiling easily and LOL required!

To be Continued….