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Get your laugh on!

Or else.

One of the secrets to life is LOL. I’m not sure of much but I am sure of that.

It’s healthy in so many ways and just feels so good.

For me, there is much relief in laughter — in hearing myself laugh and sharing laughter with others. Life now is about smiling easily and laughing out loud.

It’s been said that you know you are an adult when you are able to have the first
really good laugh at yourself.
If we often see flashes of humor in our human predicament, what’s the harm in that?

Then there’s this: The ability to laugh at yourself is a form of self compassion, of self understanding.

  • We’re not just funny — we’re ROFLMAO funny. It’s our human condition. It’s baked in.

And lest we forget, at the end of the day, we are one helluva piece of work! Yes, you too!

Sometimes words fail and you just have to find a way to smile at the strange, wonderful, daunting, mysterious, expansive, yearning, churning, beautiful, unfolding magical messiness of us all.

Breathe. Smile. Laugh. Repeat. BAM!