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Do Your Words Do You?

By now we’ve spent more than four, five or longer decades stepping into ourselves.

Unfolding into a richer, deeper self-awareness.

We have grown. Whether we sensed it or not.

That was then. This is now.

Have your words kept up?

It’s time for our words to embrace us.

Bringing more intention and precision to my words is now essential. What speaks to who I am now is different than a few years–or months–ago. I have also felt moved to sever ties with words that no longer serve me–and in some cases never did.

I’m a marketing communications consultant. For years I have helped companies shape words–the right words at the right time–for their competitive gain. (No judging. I’m in marketing recovery.)

Our self-talk is invaluable! You’d think I would’ve figured that one out a bit earlier given my background. But I can be slow that way.

The stakes are high. We talk to ourselves more than we’ll talk to any other person over the course of our lives. (Note to self—please make it stop!)

But our words aren’t always kind or true or helpful.

Language is the house we are living in. Our words help to make us who we are.

Do they make it reality? Not alone. We know better; there’s real work to do. And you can’t know some words, really know them, ‘til it’s time. But they are a good place to start. They bring the reality into focus, they help make the new connections explicit. Our words help us with the ways we have grown, stretched, where one period in our life ends and another begins.

What’s in a word? Let me count some of the ways…

  • Words, at their best, are a creative force. We all know words move hearts. But first we must find the words that move our own.
  • The words we use are like placing a bet on ourselves. Inside you they can work their magic.
  • Carefully chosen our words help us stay focused on and grounded in what we really need to do–stay open with curiosity and trust in rhythm with the continued unfolding of our story.
  • Our words should pique our interest, inspire, awaken our curiosity about ourselves and others. They energize, draw us out, entice us to go deeper. You don’t always need to be honest when someone else asks you how you are doing, but you do when talking with yourself.
  • The right words give us the courage and encouragement to connect all the different parts of ourselves.

We’re not all great storytellers. We’re not all wordsmiths.

Not everyone is a writer, but everyone is a jotter.

We all have the ability to make unexpected connections.

Nothing fancy, no ornament required. Just your words, your way.

So try some new words on for size; see if they take. Follow an as-yet nameless stirring. You might surprise yourself. I’m sure you will.

Punctuation not required. Spelling doesn’t count. Grammar not required, unless you must; you know who you are.

I’m originally from New Jersey; if I let grammar get it the way I’d never write anything. No hand-wringing. Have some fun. Word Play is the thing!

HACK ALERT:Don’t forget to take ideas, explore words that resonate with you. Originality not required! You don’t have to rely on your own insight. Be open, alert. You aren’t that smart all the time. None of us are. Genius steals!

So, let’s review.

What’s In a Word? You!

You Do You!