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I’m very excited about turning 60. There, I’ve said it.

I know what some of you are thinking. “Come on Tom, really? You do know aging isn’t easy? Right?”

Yes, sure I get it, there’s a lot going on. Inside and out. We’ve all seen enough of it to know.

Still, we’ve got this!

It’s time–time to embrace this wonderful ride for all it is, for however long it is.

Today. Everywhere. If not now, when?

I now accept everything as part of my lifelong journey forward.

There’s nothing like major life losses and disappointments to put life in perspective.

By now many of us have faced our share.

At fifty seven, I opened myself to process the end of my twenty-five-year marriage. Nothing gossip worthy. Our unraveling was the slow drip, the long, downward spiral into a lonely space there are really no words for. We lacked insight and, for too long, curiosity about what would bring us true relief.

A crisis is a terrible thing to waste.

My divorce was a turning point.

How did I get here?

Turn toward that level of pain and sense of personal failure? For my part? Who wants to do that? But turn you must.

It was an invitation I could not refuse, to grow with intention, in the details.

I longed for my authentic self to more fully emerge and assert control.

Today I understand my divorce for one of life’s cruel ironies — a loss that brings the big reveals, those I couldn’t learn any other way.

And here I am.

Now, I simply want to live — really live. From the inside out.

Call it my consolation prize if you will but I’ll take it, and humbly say thank you!

I am now more the person I want to be.

I now accept everything as part of my lifelong journey forward. There are infinite ways of growth and learning.

Everything that has or will happen is now an opportunity for growth.

I created Unfinished Becomings as a way of paying attention and giving voice to what matters for me now.  And to nudge one another on. To help us stay open with curiosity, imagination and trust in the continued unfolding of our story.

And if I make some new friends, so much the better. I’ve learned from feedback I have received from sharing parts of my story on Medium’s, P.S. I Love You publication how much we all could use some encouragement and inspiration at times. (

So please sign up if you’d like to receive the “weeklyish something or other” via email. And please do email me to share your own insights and anything of interest that resonates with your own journey of Unfinished Becomings.

We are,

Unfinished Becomings…

There’s always the next page in our story.

Onward. Peace.

It is never too late to become your best self!

Trust the process. Stay open. Be expectant.

Sometimes baby steps, every so often, in its own time, its own way, and always with an unexpected reveal, the grace of a leap ahead.

I’m glad you are here.