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Gentler. It just feels better.

As my default. I get that now.

It was time to lose the sharper edges of my younger days.

I’ll blame those on male pattern testosterone and our culture if you’ll let me.

Our culture is too often characterized by hardness, by coarseness In tone and demeanor. If I’m not vigilant, I find that will all too easily settle in my mind, spirit and body. Our bodies know all!

On my many trips to Dallas thru the years, this sculpture always spoke to me.
Now, I get it. The body knows all.
It reminds me to lighten up, go with the flow, stay nimble.

This cultural hardness always seems to be trying to lure us in.
Keeping it at bay takes real awareness, effort and intention.

Actively cultivating this gentler stance now seems essential to my deepest sense of meaning. My life has taken on a new warmth.

It’s a welcome rebalancing; kind and gentle speaks to who I am.

And it just feels really good.